Importance of Solar Generator

Most of us often complain about power failure and the high cost of electricity, but have you thought of an alternative that just within your reach? Yes, there is actually a great alternative and it is the sun. The sun is packed with an incredible amount of solar energy that we can all use to provide us with our electricity needs. Therefore the people buy cheap solar generators in Nairobi so that they can fulfill their others needs as well. You can use this solar energy in many ways: Continue reading


Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Lightening System

While the number of solar installations is increasing, renewable energy is not always easy or affordable for commercial property. While solar power is always less expensive than the alternative, in the long run, the initial costs significant enough to ask building owners whether they were willing to wait for to be a long recovery. These solar lamps are specially designed for outdoor activities. Because of this good lighting system, people likely to buy cheap solar lighting system in Nairobi. In this article, I will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of solar lighting.

 The solar lighting can place in parking lots, environmentally sensitive areas and remote areas of the electrical connections or where installed no existing network infrastructure, and because the cost of avoiding the limelight and wiring, solar lighting is often the cheapest solution from day one. Avoid electricity costs help facilities managed drivers keep their utility bills. Continue reading

How To Choose The Right Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controllers, also known as the sun regulators, are an integral part of any stand-alone solar system. The average 12-volt solar panel produces between 12 and 21 volts, it will charge, if it is sent directly to the level of damage to the battery. By adjusting the voltage, can improve battery safety and operation of the equipment level of the solar charge controller work. Because it safely runs batteries people buy a cheap solar controller in Nairobi.

The investment in a solar charge controller is a must in many cases. This is particularly important when a user asks batteries using a solar panel. It is also important to buy these devices when the user a grid tied system has a battery functions. In these cases, we can continue to use solar panels or other devices, but to do so and the risk of injury on the battery. It can also lead to security problems. For this reason, individuals who must buy the right prepaid charge controller solar panel grid system or the use of solar panels to the battery. A 12-volt solar charge controller has a variety of styles, and many manufacturers, buyers are more concerned about the choice is very important. Continue reading

Two Types of Lead Acid Batteries

The storage battery or secondary battery is such a battery in which electrical energy can be stored as chemical energy and the chemical energy is then converted to electrical energy when required. The conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy by using external electrical source is known as the charging of the battery. The conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy for supplying the external load is known as the discharge of the secondary battery. Lead batteries used in many places of the world and because this battery is useful so people buy cheap lead acid battery in Nairobi. In the battery charging current passes through it, this results in a number of chemical changes within the battery. This process of chemical change is in the absorbed energy. Continue reading

Buy Cheap Solar Lighting System in Nairobi

Over consumption of energy have lead human beings to think of an alternative way to generate energy. As in the scientific world, everything is being to shift to electrical energy and hence its consumption has increased many folds. Due to this over consumption and non-renewable energy production sources, scientists have to think about the alternate natural resources to build sufficient energy for whole mankind. One of the natural resources that have been found suitable for generating use able energy is the sun. Solar power is being used for quite a time now due to its excessive use and no side effects. Solar cells absorb sunlight, store it and use it to generate energy. A lot of products have been shifted to solar energy due to its harmless nature and excessive use. Continue reading