The storage battery or secondary battery is such a battery in which electrical energy can be stored as chemical energy and the chemical energy is then converted to electrical energy when required. The conversion of electrical energy into chemical energy by using external electrical source is known as the charging of the battery. The conversion of chemical energy into electrical energy for supplying the external load is known as the discharge of the secondary battery. Lead batteries used in many places of the world and because this battery is useful so people buy cheap lead acid battery in Nairobi. In the battery charging current passes through it, this results in a number of chemical changes within the battery. This process of chemical change is in the absorbed energy.

When the battery is connected to an external load, the chemical changes in the opposite direction, in the meantime, the absorbed energy will be released as electrical energy and supplied to the load. Now, we will try to understand the working principle of lead-acid batteries, and we will be the first discussion on this is very commonly used lead-acid battery storage battery or a secondary battery.

Types of Batteries

Engine Starting

The most common use of batteries engine start is in cars and trucks. They provide the energy for starting, lighting and ignition of fuel. Other uses are given in lawnmowers, snowmobiles, boats and ATVs. The battery characteristics for these applications are,

  • Download at very high speeds and temperatures ranging from -20 ° F to 200 ° F
  • Sufficient capacity to operate vehicle electrical systems reserve when the charger fails and drains to feed off key
  • Thousands engine start (which causes surface discharge / charge cycles)
  • Low self-discharge rate, so that they do not use long after to operate
  • From the alternator charging
  • Live three to five years.

An engine starter battery must be capable of high bursts of energy. All types of polarization must be minimized in order to produce the highest possible voltage. Thus, a very large engine starter battery design and working electrode surface area. This reduces the current density, which in turn reduces the activation polarization during discharge. These design features also reduce concentration polarization, because the largest gradient diffusion electrode to the surface is reduced react.

Motive Power

The function of this type of battery, also known as the traction battery is to promote the electric vehicle (EV). Electric vehicles are widely used in the material handling industry to supply power to fork lift trucks. Other uses include electric golf cars, mining vehicles, and baggage handling at the airport tugs, sweepers / scrubbers and wheelchairs. These applications require the battery to be able to:

  • Moderate discharge rates (between three and six hours of discharge before recharging)
  • High capacities up to thousands of ampere-hours
  • Bike at high depths of discharge (more than 80% of capacity removed before recharging)
  • Operation over a wide temperature range of 0 ° F to 100 ° F
  • Controlled load
  • Life of five years (about 1500 cycles)

Most batteries do 1 of these 3 things very well, either engine start, standby or deep cycle. Occasionally, a lead acid battery can perform 2 of these functions as well. Usually starting the engine and waiting are the applications that can be handled by a single style battery. That’s why people buy cheap lead acid battery in Nairobi. Although there has been much research and development over the past 10 years to optimize the performance of the battery for EV applications, it is very rare for any style of battery can do all things equally well.

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