While the number of solar installations is increasing, renewable energy is not always easy or affordable for commercial property. While solar power is always less expensive than the alternative, in the long run, the initial costs significant enough to ask building owners whether they were willing to wait for to be a long recovery. These solar lamps are specially designed for outdoor activities. Because of this good lighting system, people likely to buy cheap solar lighting system in Nairobi. In this article, I will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of solar lighting.

 The solar lighting can place in parking lots, environmentally sensitive areas and remote areas of the electrical connections or where installed no existing network infrastructure, and because the cost of avoiding the limelight and wiring, solar lighting is often the cheapest solution from day one. Avoid electricity costs help facilities managed drivers keep their utility bills.

Here are some advantages and disadvantages


  • Solar Lights for storing solar heat given off a day are dependent on this power. Sunlight, street lights and in need of repair, lower than usual lights on the road. These temperatures have a small chance.
  • Solar energy products have a small number of parts that can move; which means there are fewer parts to break. They last a long time and do not require much attention after they are installed.
  • These solar lights don’t require an external cable for the solar and with this, the risk of accidents has been minimized. Under normal circumstances, the accident occurred in the street light system.
  • These solar lights may include drowning or electric shock. Solar street lights are environmentally friendly as it is dependent on the only solar panels, thus eliminating your carbon footprint.
  • Solar street lighting systems produce more efficient and useful solutions in some parts of the lighting problem and these solar lightening systems can easily carry in remote areas.
  • Solar lighting is diminished due to other advantages or is not suffering from the tension created by extreme weather events such as electricity interruption. They are also unaffected by the grilling stress. Because advanced battery technology, the lighting system can continue to shine for five days, no sunny ray.


  • The solar cell has many shortcomings. It also allows you to understand some of these advantages, so it can be compared to traditional lighting systems
  • These street lights on the way to reduce the free network and network operating costs. This is not connected to the wireless lights and electricity providers.
  • Solar street lamps require a higher investment compared to traditional street lights. In fact, the main reason most people have second thoughts about the solar cells. Longevity and benefits of solar lights long, they think they have to spend money without knowing it. They were bound; they can easily be played back.
  • Solar street lights should be checked after a period of time, especially in areas with extreme weather conditions, which can cause damage or shorten life. Rechargeable batteries should be changed several times during the course of the life of the fixture.

The risk of stealing is relatively higher than if regular street lamps had a higher amount. Snow or dust and moisture can accumulate in the horizontal PV panel. This leads to a decrease in energy production or a complete stoppage. For the best solar lighting system you have to look carefully before investing because its very very important. You can not trust on anyone.